Entraînement en plein air avec Elen

Start the day with a gentle muscle awakening or restarting the whole body without stress; or walk in the late afternoon guided by a trainer on the shore or still get in shape with a class of postural gymnastics? Yes, you can and you will love your trainer!
Elen Souza, Brazilian imported from the beaches of Rio De Janeiro, to the beaches of Rimini 4 years ago, former Brazilian Beach Volleyball champion, graduated in Motor Science. Thanks to its energy and professionalism will help you to live a unique physical activity experience.
You can choose between classes of:
  • Functional training
  • Postural gymnastics
Functional training is a "personalized" training that allows you to work with motor skills in their entirety, acts in deep muscles, improving posture and preventing back pain, increases endurance and muscle strength, improving the cardiorespiratory system.
The functional training lesson takes place in the open air with the help of small tools such as kettlebells, medicine balls, elastic bags filled with sand , on a grass area in Rimini Marina Centro; are of 50' duration and are carried out with small groups of up to 5 people. Upon request it could also be customized.

Postural gymnastics is that sporting activity aimed at restoring muscle balance and reducing musculoskeletal tensions, which often accumulate in the workplace.. That’s why precisely in the days of relaxation will be more effective this type of activity, which will help to achieve a balanced posture. Perfectly suitable for every age group.
The lesson will be very relaxing, through simple exercises of muscle elongation and easy executability, at the end of the 50' of class it will be beautiful to discover an immediate benefit in finding you more elastic in the usual movements. At the end of the lesson, a swim in the sea will be an absolute pleasure.

1 lesson with the personal trainer "one to one" (about 45' duration) € 40
Functional Training
on request
on request
Where: beach 26 Rimini Marina Centro
Language: Italian, English, Spanish

Points forts

  • Training by Elen Souza
  • Gymnastics mat not included


  1. Lungomare Claudio Tintori, 30/A, Rimini