Malatesta Land

Behind Rimini is a land to discover next to Tuscany and Marche. This bike tour will show you this land magnificence. Price: 45€ When: Every Tuesday, Saturday and Sunday at 8:30am   

Night Tours

Riding at evening along the town up to the next hill Covignano, admiring the street lights of the town. Price: 55€ When: Every Thursday and Friday at 7pm  

Bike Tour Santarcangelo

Going up the canal harbor we would ideally go back in time, first crossing the ancient fishermen's village, Borgo San Giuliano, and then finding ourselves on the Tiberius bridge, in the middle of the Roman era. From the Tiberius bridge we will cross another imaginary border that will lead us into the lands of the Valmarecchia, crossed by the river of the same name and formerly dominated by the Malatesta. We will walk along the Valmarecchia cycle path, surrounded by nature and surrounded by the most authentic Romagna hills, we will arrive in Santarcangelo along the river. Price: 55€ When: Every Thursday at 8:30am   

E-bike Tour in Verucchio

With our e- bikes we will climb the ascent to the fortress of Verucchio without difficuly, at first there will be a bit of culture, and then the culinary excellence typical of our lands. The e-bike tour in Verucchio is a fantastic adventure in the midst of nature that will lead you to discover one of the most beautiful villages of our Romagna hinterland. We will leave from the lighthouse of the port of rimini  and we will travel all along the cycle path up to Verucchio. For the more experienced who want to enjoy the adrenaline of the off-road, we'll do an alternative mountain bike route in the vineyards and hills of Romagna, a unique experience in its kind. We will visit the Franciscan monastery, we will climb up to the fortress of Verucchio. Afterwards there will be a guided tour of the Villanovan archeological museum, a pearl of unique culture in his genre and an unmissable cultural destination. Price: 65€ When: thursday morning Duration: 5 hours

E-bike Tour in Santarcangelo

A journey to discover the cultural tradition of a beautiful mediaval village characterized by charming streets, historic buildings and very colorful and characteristic houses. We will leave from the square of Valverde towards Santarcangelo di Romagna. We'll visit the ancient Stamperia Marchi, where we'll see the demonstration of the activity of  ironing the canvas with the seventeench century Mangano and the printing phase with antique molds carved in pear wood. Afterwards there will be a guided tour in the monumental public cave: led through by tunnels and rooms in one sort of labyrinth, projected into a distant time. Before returning to Rimini, stop at Mutonia, a tourist park along the Marecchia river; place in which the Mutoids live, artists from all over the world, united by the philosophy of creating unique works reusing inorganic waste such as iron, plastic, rubber, fiberglass, aluminium, copper and brass. Price:  65€ When: wednesday morning  Duration: 5 hours

E-bike Evening tour of historic Rimini

A discovery of Rimini in the evening, which will take you to visit the Fellini villageof San Giuliano, up to the Piazza sull'Acqua in front of the Tiberius bridge. We'll return to the sea up to the Grand Hotel, with a brief visit to the gardens and the 4 horses fountain. Price: 30€ When: Tuesday and thursday evening Duration: 2 hours  

E-bike Tour to discover historic Rimini

The e-bike tour to discover Rimini represents an alternative time to get to know the city while having fun together. We will visit the Fellini village of San Giuliano, to discover the murales in the streets and we will talk about Federico Fellini himself. We will cycle along the Marecchia park to the Piazza sull' Acqua in front of the Tiberius bridge. We'll go back up to the tip of Covignano, from where we will be able to see all the wonderful panorama of the city of Rimini. We will return to the sea up to the Grand Hotel, with a brief to the gardens and the 4 horses fountain.  Price: 40€  When: every day except for thursdays  Duration: about 3 hours and a half   

Yoga E-bike Tour in Rimini

The yoga e-bike tour in Rimini is a relaxing journey to discover wellness in good company. We'll cycle along the Marecchia park up to the Piazza sull'Acqua in front of the Tiberius bridge, up to the colorful Fellini village of San Giuliano. Here we will enter a paradisiacal oasis where we will practice Yoga and meditation, a moment of relaxation, harmony and concentration. We will end tour with a smile and an herbal tea, in a suggestive setting and relaxing in the heart of the Borgo.  Price: 45€ When: Upon Request Duration: about 3 hours and a half   

Wine taste - Tasting at Ottaviani

We will depart from the square of the port of Ricciojne ( viale Galli, next to the Nautical Club) and we will pedal along the cycle path until reaching porto Verde, from where we will take the beatiful Conca cycle path. Immersed in the Valconca wildlife oasis, we will stop for a tasting ata a farm: we will make a visit to discover the magic of wine and the beauty of the vineyad, a walk among the rows to get to know the company's philosophy. Price: 60€ When: friday morning Duration: about 4 and a half hours

Bike Tour Verucchio

In 3 hours, from the beaches, you'll reach the medieval borough of Verucchio. Price: 55€ When: Every Friday at 8:30pm 

Wine Tasting Bike Tour

Discovering this land and food tradition riding an electric mountain bike with an expert guide! Price: 55 € Bike rental included When:Every tuesday at 4.30pm  Language: Italian, English

Rimini Roman

A complete visit to discover, in addition to the known and appreciated places, also the less important and hidden ones, such as: Porta Montanara, a large basin for decanting clay, the last Miliario of the Via Flaminia, the junction between Via Emilia and Popilia, traces of the Roman Theater. When: Every Tuesday at 9 am  

Fellini Bike Tour

The places frequented and lived by the Director, those rebuilt in his films, the unique and unrepeatable characters Price: 25€ When. Every Friday at 9 am and 21pm  Metting: Viale Vespucci 12  

The Sea Thermal Centre

Only here you’ll find therapy and beauty treatments with the sea and thermal water. The wellness place! Openday + aperitif: sauna, turkish bath, salt room, tea-room, thermal swimming pool access, relax area. 23€ only weekdays Relaxing Day: all benefits of the Openday package + relaxing massage for 30 minutes. Price: 49€ When: Only Weekday

Paths Tonino Guerra

Begins with the paths throught and the woods,ford of the stream and visit the village of Pennabilli. Price: 18€ (min 10 people) When: Everyday Language: Italian

Misano World Circuit

Misano WC "Visit 58"

Visit to the Circuit " behind the scenes"( paddock, podium, press room, race hall,simoncelli gallery, box, pitlane,etc).  Price: 15€ only visit, 25€ visit+ green bike tour ( min 15 peolpe) When: June ( 1-12-17), July (4-22-31), August (8-21-26), September (2-9-18) at 6pm.