Fluxo - Outdoor Training

Thinking of doing outdoor training in front of the two-thousand-year-old bridge or in front of the sea? In Rimini you can with Fluxo instructors who will accompany you to discover the body and its possibilities of movement, thanks to which you will improve your psycho-physical condition and quality of life. Thanks to 3 training programs (High, Medium or Low intensity) you can: - reach and exceed your limits - achieve psycho-physical well-being - regain the psycho-physical balance without subjecting your body to excessive effort. You can choose among the following disciplines: Power Yoga, Meditation, Functional Training, Handstand, Mobility, Capoeira, Postural Gymnastics. You can choose between daily lessons or weekly packages. So! Mens healthy in healthy body! Prices: Single lesson € 7 per person Weekly € 20 per person - 4 lessons for one person in the same week or up to 4 people in the same day When: from Monday to Thursday Where: Ponte di Tiberio Piazza sull'acqua, Santarcangelo e Poggio Torriana Language: Italian, English, French, German  

The Spa of the sea! Openday Riminiterme

The only SPA complex in the region that uses sea and thermal water :here is Rimini Terme! Your break starts like this: a convenient parking, the view of the beach of Rimini, the smile of those who welcome you...and is immediately relaxing. The openday in Rimini Terme offers you access to the biomarine pools, where you can relax with the jets of hot water in the whirlpool, the sea view spa with sauna, Turkish bath and relaxation area. And then there’s also... the salt room: the pleasant feeling of walking on the grains of warm salt, lying on the bed and breathing deeply looking at the beach beyond the window. Fee: € 25 per person * * children under the age of 14 are not allowed Where: Rimini Terme Viale Principe di Piemonte Miramare  

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Salt crystals - Rimini Terme

Give yourself a moment, just a few hours to regenerate and recharge your energy. Waterfalls and jets of hot water await you in the biomarine pools, whirlpools and blowers for complete relaxation, the sea view spa, sauna, Turkish bath and relaxation area. Your well-being hours will end with salting: the warmth of salt on your body will leave you with a feeling of total well-being. Price: 39 € per person *. Where: Riminiterme Viale Principe di Piemonte - Miramare di Rimini * Children under 14 years of age are not allowed.  

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Open air training with Elen

Start the day with a gentle muscle awakening or restarting the whole body without stress; or walk in the late afternoon guided by a trainer on the shore or still get in shape with a class of postural gymnastics? Yes, you can and you will love your trainer! Elen Souza, Brazilian imported from the beaches of Rio De Janeiro, to the beaches of Rimini 4 years ago, former Brazilian Beach Volleyball champion, graduated in Motor Science. Thanks to its energy and professionalism will help you to live a unique physical activity experience. You can choose between classes of: Functional training Postural gymnastics Functional training is a "personalized" training that allows you to work with motor skills in their entirety, acts in deep muscles, improving posture and preventing back pain, increases endurance and muscle strength, improving the cardiorespiratory system. The functional training lesson takes place in the open air with the help of small tools such as kettlebells, medicine balls, elastic bags filled with sand , on a grass area in Rimini Marina Centro; are of 50' duration and are carried out with small groups of up to 5 people. Upon request it could also be customized. Postural gymnastics is that sporting activity aimed at restoring muscle balance and reducing musculoskeletal tensions, which often accumulate in the workplace.. That’s why precisely in the days of relaxation will be more effective this type of activity, which will help to achieve a balanced posture. Perfectly suitable for every age group. The lesson will be very relaxing, through simple exercises of muscle elongation and easy executability, at the end of the 50' of class it will be beautiful to discover an immediate benefit in finding you more elastic in the usual movements. At the end of the lesson, a swim in the sea will be an absolute pleasure. Prices: 1 lesson with the personal trainer "one to one" (about 45' duration) € 40 When: Functional Training on request Gymnastics on request Where: beach 26 Rimini Marina Centro Language: Italian, English, Spanish

Academy Experience: learning how to ride a motorcycle

If you have always loved the bike but you miss the experience of "how to bring it", you should not give up the idea of realizing your dream of riding the bike. We have prepared for you a theoretical/ practical course that will make you a "centaur expert"! Divided into 2 parts to make you assimilate the knowledge of motion and its world. Theoretical part (3 hours): cartography, use of navigation tools, track difference / path and choice management, waypoint reading, kml files management / gpx, hints on roadbook and orientation. Held by Mirco Urbinati certified Garmin. Advice on riding position and driving safety. Practical part (3 hours): practical exercise of navigation on track, use tool, waypoint search. Path created ad hoc for the exercise around Rimini on Coriano, Montescudo, San Clemente. To the starting line!!!

RiminiTerme: Wellness on the Adriatic Sea

A wellness proposal dedicated to you! Allow yourself time to relax and free your mind from stress. Rimini Terme offers you a pleasant break entirely dedicated to the properties of the sea. A full salt body scrub to renew the skin, an entrance to the biomarine pools where you can relax thanks to the heat of the water, the whirlpool and jets of hot water and finally a draining massage. Price: 60 € per person. Where: Rimini Terme Viale Principe di Piemonte Miramare    

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The Barfum beauty picnic

Every Thursday on the water of Tiberius, at the Borgo San Giuliano, Barfum, the first local "street beauty", offers you the Basket of beauty, a sort of picnic for eight people at most. In the basket you will find the necessary for a facial treatment, personalized, accompanied by a surprise aperitif made with the gourmanderies of the restaurants of the Borgo. In addition to this it will be possible to taste with the nose the selection of niche perfumes of Barfum. The scent of the day will be combined from time to time with a wine selected from the wine cellar Biberius. Then follow the boat ride at night , and you will pass under the Tiberius Bridge. Barfum will take you to the world of the best noses in the world, turning a meeting into a unique experience. Fee: € 25 per person When: Every Thursday Timetable: from 18.30 Where: Barfum Via Ortaggi, 11 San Giuliano Borgo People: Maximum 8