Surf, sup and windsurfing school

How about feeling the thrill of getting on a surfboard and taming the waves, just like one of those surfers you see in American movies? California has never been closer, and here, thanks to our expert teachers, you can learn the art of balance from scratch. If you like an Olympic sport you should try windsurfing, with the force of the wind after learning the fast turn, the Jibe power maybe you will find yourself gliding on the water. If you prefer "a walk" on the water we recommend the Sup, a new way of experiencing the sea, on the  board you will find to "flow" on the water. We advise you to do it in the early hours of the morning, when the sea is calm, the sun shines on the water and you can see perfectly the seabed. Our team of instructors will guide you, learning not only to manage the board and the currents, but also to face your first waves and put you on the table! Price: Windsurf Surf or Sup lesson 1 hour € 40 Windsurf Surf or Sup mini course 3 hours € 110 When: every day from June to September Timetable: 09.30 am Where: Rimini Language: Italian, English  

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Sup surf and windsurf rental

You are already familiar with water sports but want to travel light? Leave everything at home and just have fun, the rest is directly at the beach! Surfboards Windsurfing and the brand new SUP are at your disposal for a day, a week or even just a few hours, according to your needs. Fee: Rental. Windsurfing 1 hour € 18. Surf or Sup 1 hour € 12. When: every day from June to September. Where: Rimini Bagno 8 Lungomare Tintori. Language: Italian English  

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Snorkeling at the Baia degli Angeli

Snorkeling that passion! You expected a stretch of rocky coast a stone’s throw from Rimini? Here is one of the most beautiful spots of our Adriatic, at the foot of a natural park crystal clear water and the seabed at your fingertips. A quiet navigation on board our boat will allow us to admire how the profile of the Romagna coast along the coast changes until the arrival at Mount S. Bartolo. Here, in what everyone calls the Bay of Angels, we will snorkel guided by one of our instructors along the cliffs, then descend to the ground, in the desert area and with fine sand. A unique experience for everyone. Price: € 50 When: every Thursday Time: 09.00 Where: Rimini Destination Baia degli Angeli Participants: minimum 10 people Languages: Italian, English  

The open gaze to infinity, sunrise tour

The magic of dawn with, in front of us, nothing but the open sea. We will wait together for the magical moment of the eternal rebirth of the sun and then we will take a walk to discover the relationship between Rimini and the sea: the maritime traditions, the port, the lighthouse, the history of the baths, including poems and vintage photos. With the discreet presence of Federico Fellini who loved to walk in this area during his reunion in the city. We will arrive at the Ponte della Resistenza where St. Anthony spoke to the fish and we will return along Viale Principe Amedeo to arrive at the Grand Hotel and Piazzale Fellini. Fee: € 12 adults, children 6-14 years € 8 Timetable: 5.20 in the morning Where: Rimini Monument of the anchor P.le Boscovich Minimum of Participants: 4 people Italian language  

The sea in freedom. Rubber dinghy rental

It’s impossible to describe the thrill of living a few hours at sea in total freedom. Renting a dinghy allows you to navigate and decide by yourself where to land. You can stop and sunbathe offshore, take a refreshing bath and leave whenever you want. Practical and simple to drive, the dinghy is a perfect solution for a worry-free boat trip. A boat license is not required for the rental of the dinghy Age of majority required Deposit required in cash or credit card Prices: Half day May June September € 160 Full day May June September € 260 Half day July August € 180 Full day July August € 300 Petrol excluded When: Every day Hours: half day at 09:00 or 15:00               full day at 09.00 Where: East Coast meeting point Via Ortigara 80 Maximum capacity: 6 people  

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Dive in the pyramids area

Did you know that in Miramare there are the "Pyramids"? Just 3 miles from the coast, what was a place designed for the reproduction of mussels has become a beautiful diving site. Here you can find almost all species of flora and fauna present in the northern Adriatic. Made up of blocks of reinforced concrete recall the shape of the Mayan pyramids from which they take their name. With a little attention we can observe some very small violet nudibranchs called pink flabelline and eggs of gattuccio and squid. There are mussels and oysters, anemones and sea tomatoes, cerianthus, ophiums and hydrozoa that provide shelter to small fish such as gobies and drooling. Near the concrete blocks you can see mullet, bream, boghe, corvine and castagnole. Price: € 55 per person When: every Saturday and Sunday from June to September Time: 12 p.m. Where: Rimini - San Giuliano Mare Participants: minimum 8 people  

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Dive to the wreck "Paguro"

Here is the ideal site for lovers of organic photography! The Paguro, wreck of a metanifera platform, has become a protected area that gives divers extraordinary encounters. In these waters you can meet the cassiopean jellyfish, the largest in the Mediterranean, but also lobsters, lobsters, galaxies and conger eels. As you go down deep, you’ll encounter flocks of blue fish like mackerel, and sometimes you’ll run into some dolphins. The dives are daily, and weekly also Full Day with 2 dives and lunch on board. Depending on the patent, we can accompany the divers also in little known areas, such as the "container", the "trivella" that exploded the wreck, the 4 penetrable caves, the most external pylons. The site is reached with a navigation of only 35 minutes. Price:   € 70 per person half day € 130 per person full day with 2 dives When: Saturday and Sunday Time: 08 am Where: Rimini Participants: minimum 8 people  

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Scuba Diving at the Shipwreck Cargo Anni

Just 20 miles off the coast of Rimini, lies the cargo wreck found in 2001 and immediately became one of the favorite destinations for diving. Here there are numerous glacial marthasterias, the largest starfish in the Mediterranean, the melon hedgehogs (echinus melo), the lobsters, the lobsters but the real undisputed masters are the Musdee or Mostelle, some large and even more than a metre long. The wreck also houses hundreds of nudibranchs and redfish. Magnificent are the Granceole, which blend on the structures. The wreck of Anni assumes a certain preparation and experience, given the considerable and constant depth of the bottom. The dive is programmed on the surface in detail and in the water in full compliance with the times. We set up a deco station at 6 meters with bar and 6 regulators, with nitrox 38%. Price: € 85 When: on request Where: Rimini, San Giuliano Mare Participants: minimum 8 people  

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