Cena Fra Amici in Alto Mare

Cena Fra Amici in Alto Mare


Snorkeling, what a passion! in one of the most beautiful places in the Adriatic sea where water is crystal clear and sea not deep. A quiet navigation under coast to admire the Romagna coast till to arrive at “Monte San Bartolo” and “Baia degli Angeli”, where you will go snorkeling with an instructor along the cliffs and then ashore in a deserted area with fine sand. Price: € 50 When: Time Where : Rimini To Baia degli Angeli Minimo of Partecipants : 10 persons  


The wreck of the “Paguro” platform is the wreck of a natural gas platform created between 1962 and 1963 in Porto Corsini, in the province of Ravenna. On 28 September 1965 the drill reached the gas field at about 2,900 meters deep and there was a sudden fluid eruption. Unfortunately, however, after a while, the walls of the well gave way and the gas eruption broke out, a point no longer controllable, it was a tragedy. From that disastrous event the “Paguro” began its metamorphosis and on its structures, hit by that tragic event and death theater, a new life slowly exploded, that wonderful and magical life that God wanted to inhabit the seabed and that fascinates us every time we dive. Soon the wreck, from a submerged reminder of a tragedy, was transformed into a site for sport divers with biological protection for the exceptional life wealth that it had found to develop in that artificial reef. Price  € 70 When : Saturday 27/06 at 10 am Sunday 28/06, Saturday 4/07, Saturday 11/07, Sunday 19/07, Sunday 25/07 at 08.00 pm Where : Rimini - Arrival Ravenna Porto Corsini Meeting Point : Dive Planet Rimini San Giuliano Via Ortigara 59 Minimun of Partecipants : 8 persons


imun of About 20 miles off Rimini lies the wreck of a 60 meter long cargo ship which sank at 9 pm on 1 August 1989 having embarked water in the engine room due to bad weather. The Dive Planet team discovered the cargo in 2001 after an exhausting search and this immediately became one of the most popular diving sites. On the big wreck there are lots of huge marthasterias glacialis, the biggest stars in the Mediterranean sea and also lots of melon sea urchins (echinus melo) so big as a beach volleyball ball. But the real undisputed masters of the wreck are the Musdee, big and even longer than a meter. There are many lobsters, including the biggest one called "Attila", crayfishes and the wonderful 2,5 meter long conger eels. In the wreck we also find hundreds of nudibranchs and scorpionfishes. Beautiful are the spider crabs blending in the structures. Price € 85 When : Sunday 21/07 and Sunday 28/07 Time: 08.00 am Where : Rimini Meeting Point: Dive Planet Via Ortigara 59 Rimini San Giuliano Minimum of Partecipants : 8 persons


Do you know that submerged Pyramids exist? The "Pyramids" off the coast of Rimini Miramare are an artificial diving area, a site born for mussel reproduction and now a beautiful diving site. Created about 25 years ago they are now teeming with marine life of all kinds. Suitable for all types of patents they have a minimum depth of 8 meters and a maximum of 13 meters. They are made up of huge iron cages of 6 meters each side, interspersed with dozens of cement blocks, in the shape of a pyramid and perforated for the fishes’ dens. Each Pyramid and each cage are covered in order to find the top when coming up. Price € 55 When : Sunday  Time: 08.00 Where : Rimini Meeting Point : Dive Planet Via Ortigara 59 Rimini San Giuliano Minumum of Partecipants: 8 persons