San Valentino Tasting - The best Italian wines

A real journey to discover Vini San Valentino, a Rimini company that has received outstanding national and international awards. We will accompany you through the vineyards, showing proudly the different varieties of grapes which are the essence of San Valentino's wines: from Sangiovese, to Syrah, from Cabernet Franc to Rebola. We will tell you the story of the territory, which boasts ancient origins, from the Etruscans to the Romans, from the Middle Ages to the present day. Passing through the olive trees, we will venture into the barrel cellar to breathe the smell of red wines aged in barrels and explain the winemaking techniques. The tour will end with a wine tasting: PREMIUM TOUR Tour of the cellar and barrel cellar with three tastings of the great reserves - Conte di Covignano, Vivian and Vivi. EXCELLENT TOUR Tour of the cellar and barrel cellar and three tastings of CRU wines - Terra di Covignano, Luna Nuova, Mascarin. Price: € 15 Premium Tour - € 20 Excellent Tour per person When: from Tuesday to Saturday Timetable: from Tuesday to Friday 10.00 and 15.30                   Saturday at 10:30 am Where: Azienda San Valentino Via Tomasetta 13 - 47923 Rimini (RN) Minimum number of participants: 2 persons Language: Italian, English.

Wine and stories of past times

An agricultural estate of 10 hectares, an old coal locomotive of 1913 and a track for host it...we want to start with Case Marcosanti. The estate was born in the mid-nineteenth century when the lawyer Pompeo Marcosanti, comes into possession of a  group of houses that from that moment on, even on toponymous cards, will be known as “Case Marcosanti” The productive philosophy is concentrated in the valorization of the wines of the territory; this is why the project is aimed at the production of grapes of the most authentic Romagnola tradition: first of all Sangiovese, symbol of the wine culture of our region. A unique experience, a walk with a visit to the vineyard and cellar, visit of the locomotive and wine tasting with the opportunity to taste local products at km 0. Price: Classic tasting € 15 - Top tasting € 24,50 When: check the calendar by clicking on the BOOK button Hours: 10:30 - 15:00 Where : Via Chiesa di Camerano, 369 - 47824 Poggioberni Minimum number of participants: 2 persons Language: Italian and English  

From "zero to Z'dora": fresh pasta in Romagna

It is impossible to talk about fresh pasta in Romagna without starting from the most traditional formats: tagliatelle and strozzapreti in the first place. But not only that, the shapes of pasta that we can get from the same base of puff pastry are many, and the sheet Alessandra certainly knows them all. How about stealing the secrets of a professional sfoglina? Sign up for our practical course and let yourself be guided into the world of fresh pasta for a 'Zdora' proof result! In detail you will learn: - the history of tagliatella: the right sizes and the rules of tradition - how to choose the best flours - to make your tagliatelle: from the dough, to the rolling pin, up to the cut - the ingredients to make your puff pastry colored - not only tagliatelle...but all the other formats that you can get from your pasta – the most known format of Romagna: strozzapreti If you want to take home some ROMAGNA-POWER, make sure you have a seat in the classroom. Your seat and the flap are waiting for you for a couple of hours full of fun and tradition! Price: € 30 per person Time: 5 pm Where: Rimini Persons: minimum 2 persons Language: Italian and English    

Oil... History of a family

On the hills of Rimini there is a place, San Lorenzo a Monte, where things have a special taste. There, breathing, walking, tasting simple products are one with nature. For three generations Fratelli Frontali have been producing extra virgin olive oil, and other products from the garden that turn into delicacies: jams, pickles, tomato sauce, fruit juices. A story carried on with dedication from father to son with genuineness and passion. Here is a unique experience, walk among the olive trees and sit in the garden surrounded by nature, with the scent of lavender and discover the secrets of the main product of Italian cuisine: the Oil. Price: Classic tasting € 18 - Top tasting € 23 When: from Monday to Saturday Hours: 10:30 - 15:00 Where : Via Carpi 7 P, Rimini Minimum number of participants: 2 persons  

Cooking in Rimini

Are you a cooking enthusiast? Are you in love with Romagna? We have what you need! Every week we will reveal to you the hidden aspects of the Rimini gastronomic tradition and the stories related to the raw materials you have always eaten when you come to the Riviera. Not only that, if you like to put your hands in the dough, you can try your hand at, for example, spreading the piadina to perfection rather than discovering how blue fish is cooked. In detail you will learn: •             2 traditional Rimini recipes •             many stories about the traditions and raw materials of the territory •             how to best treat certain ingredients •             how to choose them and where to find them Every week our chef Andrea Poggiali will select the best raw materials according to the season and what the sea offers and from there we will leave for a journey to discover the most significant Rimini traditions. Attention: there will not only be cooking, in the end we will be able to eat together and enjoy the result! When you return home you will be amazed friends and family: everyone will want to be invited to dinner! Fee: € 45 per person Where: Rimini Agrofficina, Piazza Malatesta 21 G Timetable: 5 pm People: minimum 10 people Language: Italian and English

The discovery of Saffron

In Pennabilli, land of Tonino Guerra is also cultivated a passion for the land and its products able to give ancient traditions and new satisfactions. In this vein there is also a new and precious cultivation for Valmarecchia: saffron. Saffron is harvested every morning from about the second half of October to about the first half of November, so it is essential to be present in the saffron field from the early hours of the day. The visit consists in living directly the collection of flowers and during the activity will be explained the whole process and the phases performed during the year. At the end of the harvest we meet for a snack/ tasting of sweet and savory Saffron products. Fee: € 20 per person - Children up to 14 years € 10 When: from mid-October to the first half of November Timetable: 09.30 Where: Agricoltura Zafferano di Pennabilli Ca Berbece People: minimum 2 people Italian language

Romantic picnic at sunset

Walking in nature, watching the sunset over the sea from the Valmarecchia hills , enjoying a picnic with a magical atmosphere, sipping a glass of wine or a craft beer, until you find yourself under a starry sky ... If you want to spend an intimate evening, away from the chaos of the coast, this is the experience for you. The excursion includes the presence of an environmental-hiking guide exclusively for the group, who will tell local stories and legends related to the natural landscape. The route will be agreed and adapted according to the needs of the participants. Fee:      € 150 for a couple (2 people)              € 260 for two couples (4 people)              € 330 for three couples (6 people) Timetable: 5 pm Where: Meeting Area Campana SP14, 47, antarcangelo di Romagna RN Minimum of Participants: 2 people Language: Italian, English and German

Experience In The Winery

According to an old legend, several centuries ago the Franciscan friars of Santarcangelo di Romagna were great producers of red wine. One day, during a banquet with an illustrious guest, the best red wine in the cellar was offered. The guest was delighted and immediately asked the name of the wine. After an initial moment of uncertainty, a monk said: 'Sanguis Jovis' or 'Blood of Jupiter', thinking of the colour of the wine and the name of the hill.  Here, then, is a special tasting in a winery in the Santarcangelo area. Three tastings of organic wines accompanied by a platter of cold meats and cheeses from local producers and a tasting of extra virgin olive oil produced on the estate. Price: € 16 - € 10 children (tasting accompanied by water or fruit juices) When: consult the calendar by clicking on BOOK Timetable: at 11.00 a.m. and at 3.00 p.m. Where: Via Gavine 97, Santarcangelo Minimum number of participants: 2 people Language: Italian and English  

Oil Mill Experience

Did you know that... the Extra Virgin Olive Oil of the Hills of Rimini is among the best oils in Italy? Not only that, it also deserved the recognition of the Protected Designation of Origin (D.O.P.) "Colline di Romagna" by the European Union. Our oil is renowned for its organoleptic and health characteristics and comes from native varieties. Some of these varieties are a bit strong but they are really good both raw and for cooking, for bruschetta, vegetables and also for pasta dishes. Come and discover with us the secrets of this delicious extra virgin olive oil. This fascinating experience will begin with a guided tour of the Oleificio, where you will see the procedures of collection, extraction and production and will be revealed important information that will help you to discover its properties and methods of use. At the end of the experience you can taste the extra virgin olive oil (D.O.P.) "Colline di Romagna". Fee: € 10 (minimum 2 people) When: Tuesday and Friday Timetable: at 10.30 and 15.30 Where: Via Statale Marecchia, 39, 47826 Verucchio RN Minimum of Participants: 2 people  

Aperitif at the Grand Hotel

Do you know that the Aperitif has a very ancient history? Yes, it comes from Greek history and from Hippocrates prescribing a drink that stimulated the appetite. It was perfected in the Middle Ages and definitively cleared in Italy (Turin) at the end of the 1800s in a small shop that later became fashionable. The drink, forerunner of the dinner, was definitively called Aperitif and today it is an unmissable appointment. If this appointment is then at the Grand Hotel it becomes even more fascinating: on the magical terrace of the Fellini Temple, by the pool. An appointment that will leave an indelible memory! Fee: € 25 per person Hours: from 19:00 to 21:30 Where: Grand Hotel Only by reservation

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Tasting and visit among vineyeards, olive trees, animals and trails

This experience includes a walk along the paths of Tenuta Saiano to discover the agricultural reality - animals, vineyards and olive groves - and then continues inside our wine cellar. The experience ends with a guided tasting of our products: wine and vermouth, cold cuts, cheeses, oil. Fee: € 30 per person When: Every day Where: Tenuta Saiano - Via Casone, 35 Montebello di Poggio Torriana (Rimini) Minimum: 2 people

The piadina and all its secrets

In Romagna when we invite someone to dinner at the last minute we often say " come on, we put on two piadine" .... and to hear you say it seems really easy. Yet, to learn how to do the piada well if the necessary ingredients are really few, the secrets to achieving it are many, many more. So here is a real cooking lesson to learn how to knead and "pull" the piada, round like the moon, thin enough. The secret ingredient will be olive oil, that of the mill that is produced here. Each participant will have his own workstation with cutting board, rolling pin and all the ingredients. They will show the secrets of cooking, the right one to have a piada with "bubbles" and after a lot of work will not miss the tasting of piadina accompanied by vegetables , cold cuts and good wine. Price: € 27 per person When: from Monday to Saturday Opening hours: 15:00 Duration: about 3 hours Where : Via delle Fonti Romane 5 Covignano di Rimini Participants: Minimum 2 people maximum 10 people Language: Italian and English

Trekking to the oasis of Montebello with tasting

An immersion in nature at the Montebello Naturalistic and Wildlife Protection Oasis. A pleasant circular walk in the Rimini hinterland, from the medieval walls of Montebello, going up a small stretch of the Marecchia river to the Hermitage of Saiano, in a corner of Valmarecchia made of soft hills and rock spurs, which still feeds legends and popular beliefs. A path through forgotten streets suitable for everyone. To conclude a tasting at Tenuta Saiano: wine and vermouth, meats, cheeses, oil. Beauty of nature and delicacies for the palate in a unique combination. Fee € 65.00 per person When: On request Where: Montebello and Saiano Schedule: Meeting point: Minimum participants: 2 people  

Tiberio PicNic

The view of the bridge of Tiberius , a large green space where you can relax and enjoy good food and good company... here are the right ingredients for this experience. A picnic where you don’t have to worry about anything, we will provide you with the placemat, the cutlery and... of course the food! Your only problem will be to choose the menu you prefer, you will pick it up at your chosen time and the rest is picnic! Enoteca biberius aperitif picnic 18,00 euro: Bollicine di Romagna Bottle or Rosso dei Colli di Rimini Chopping board with cold cuts and cheeses Including Picnic Kit consisting of tablecloth, glasses and cutlery. Osteria de Borg euro 26,00: Mixed crostini on local bread with fresh seasonal fillings, handmade tagliatelle with traditional meat sauce, slices of stuffed handmade piada, baked potatoes with rosemary and water. Trattoria La Marianna euro 36,00: seafood salad with slices of handmade piada, handmade tagliatelle with clams, grilled skewers, baked potatoes with rosemary and water. Fee: from € 18 per person When: Every day from 6pm  

Cooking class with the “Azdora”

Emilia Romagna, famous all over the world for its culinary tradition, is a land rich in typical products to discover. Discover them with us through this special food experience in which you will have the opportunity to meet an Azdora that will reveal recipes and secrets of the typical and traditional cuisine of Romagna and will teach you step by step how to create the perfect fresh egg pasta handmade as it was once. You will finally know how to amaze friends and family by cooking some excellent tagliatelle with meat sauce and many other dishes! The Azdora will obviously not leave you on an empty stomach. After the lesson there will be a tasting of tagliatelle with meat sauce, accompanied by 4 excellent wines and desserts! Price: € 50 per person Hours: 10.00  Where: Via Gavine, 97 Santarcangelo Persons: minimum 2 persons Language: Italian and English Cooking Class by Poets' Hill At the end final lunch with tagliatelle with meat sauce, dessert and tasting of 4 wines  

Romagna in a village

Santarcangelo is "the door of the Valmarecchia", the ideal place to start discovering the beautiful hilly hinterland that stretches a few kilometers from Rimini. Sara, from Romagna and tour guide, and Erika, anthropologist and environmental-excursion guide. The route, simple and with a slight difference in height, starts from the upper part of the village and crosses a park that partly runs along the Uso river, which once fed several mills, and then climbs up close to the city walls. Once you reach the Contrade district, you will have the opportunity to visit one of the most suggestive private grottoes. You will then go down to the lively part of the historic center, where there are shops, food shops, bars and restaurants. Here you can finally "put your hands in the dough" with a traditional Romagna cuisine workshop set up exclusively for you, in which you will learn how to make piadina. All accompanied by tales about the figure of the azdora and reading of poems in dialect related to Santarcangelo's artists. Finally, you can enjoy a tasting of typical local products. Fee: € 50 adults - Children € 30 (6 - 13 years) * * for this experience the minimum age to participate is 6 years When: Every Wednesday Timetable: 08.45 am Where: Piazzale Ganganelli Minimum of Participants: 2 people Language: Italian, English and German  

Mysterious Santarcangelo

A magical experience! A few kilometers from Rimini is Santarcangelo: charming town that preserves the typical structure of medieval fortified village, with the Malatesta Fortress that stands on top of the hill Jupiter. It’s also a mysterious city, because underground there are hypogea of ancient origins excavated in sandstone. It is also said that right here, on the hill Jupiter was born the name of the Sangiovese wine. In this tour we will walk through the streets of the village until we reach a private cave among the most suggestive of Santarcangelo, open exclusively for participants in this experience, and finally a tasting of local products accompanied by the inevitable piadina and a glass of wine. Fee: € 25 - Reduced € 15 (6 - 13 years) When: Every day Hours: 10:00 - 15:00 - 18.00 Where: Meeting point in Arco Piazzale Ganganelli Minimum of Participants: 2 people Language: Italian, English and German * Comfortable shoes are recommended.  

Eat, drink and taste

Take a day in the countryside surrounded by vineyard. A visit to discover how an ancient work mixed with new technology can produce delicious wine. Then the land products on your table with cold cuts, cheese, strozzapreti with ragout served in the openair patio of the farmhouse. Our suggestion? Wear a straw hat, take your camera with you and a good company. The tour includes: the farmhouse and winery visit, 3 wine tastings, piadina, cheese and cold cuts tasting and strozzapreti pasta. Price: € 25 per person Hours: 12:00 Where: Via Gavine 97, Santarcangelo Minimum of Participants: 2 people Language: Italian, English, German  

MaraMia wine experience

Visit to the most significant places on the estate: the open-air museum, the wine cellar, the wine temple, the refining area and the internal and external art exhibition. The experience ends with the tasting of the MaraMia. A wine experience at Tenuta Mara stimulates the senses even before the topical moment of the tasting. Starting from the park and the works of art 'en plein air', continuing in the vineyard you arrive inside the Music Room, through an enchanting staircase you access the 'sacred' places of wine: the Tinaia where six large vats in oak and as many in concrete, the latter decorated each by a different artist giving the place an absolutely unusual aspect of great inspiration. Fee: € 25 When: on Tuesday and Thurday / Saturday and Sunday only for groups Timetable: from 11.00 Meeting place: San Clemente di Rimini Minimum number of participants: 2 adults Groups of at least 10 people Language: Italian and English  

Cooking class Piada

Piada is the heart of Romagna’s gastronomy: making it is an art. In this cooking lesson Azdora will teach you how to prepare the real piadina of Romagna that you can taste with cold cuts, cheeses, salads or with squacquerone and rocket. A nice variant of the piada is the cassone, which you can fill with mozzarella and tomato, cooked ham mushrooms... The imagination will not miss! All with traditional background music. Finally, a piada lunch or dinner. Price: €40 per person Where: Via Gavine, 97 Santarcangelo Hours: 10.00 with lunch included or at 15.00 with snack Participants: minimum 2 persons