Gourmet Tour

A whole day discovering the local food masterpieces: fossa cheese, extra vergin oil, wine and piadina through producers' visits and tasting. On demand.  Price: € 52 ( min 2 people) When: Everyday Language: Italian, English

Wine Experience

Cellar Experience 4 tastings of local wines with cold meats and cheese by the Association "Strada dei Vini e dei Sapori dei Colli di Rimini“. Price: 15 € ( min 2 people)  When: Everyday Language: Italian, English  

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Oil Experience

Experience in the Oil mill The oil is characterized by a good balance between sweet and bitter with hints of fresh leaf and green almond, medium spicy. Visit to one of Rimini oil mills with tasting of DOP extra virgin olive oil. Price: 10 € ( min 2 people) When: Everyday Language: Italian, English

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Italian Brunch

Foyer is not only a waiting place but also a meeting and creative place where people exchange ideas and stories... An Italian brunch to taste! Price: € 18,50 When: Everyday

MaraMia Wine Experience

Have you ever visited a wine production where grapes grow with music and art? Tenuta Mara is a unique place where you'll find a fusion of art, tradition, innovation and authencity. A visit to Tenuta Mara is an extraordinary wine experience, that stimulates the senses even before the actual tasting, the central moment. Starting from the park with art ‘en plein air’, we continue walking in the vineyard to the Music hall, through a staircase that is also a work of art, and to which you can access the ‘sacred’ holding of the wine: The Tinaia where there are six large vats in oak and six in cement, decorated each by a different artist giving the room a beautiful and unusual aspect of great inspiration.   Price: 25€ When: daily by appointment for individuals, Saturdays and Sundays groups only (minimum 10 people)

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Cooking Class

A special food experience where you will meet a fantastic Grandmother who will teach you the secrets of typical and traditional Romagna cuisine, with tasting and a final lunch. Price: 45 € ( min 2 people) When: Every Tuesday and Friday Meeting: Santarcangelo

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“Piada” is the most typical food of the Romagna gastronomy: making it is an art. In this cooking lesson the “Azdora” will teach you how to prepare the real “Romagna piadina” which you can taste with cold cuts, cheeses, salads or with our “squaquerone cheese” and rocket. A typical variant of the “piada” is the “cassone”…. that you can stuff with mozzarella and tomato, cooked ham, mushrooms etc... At the end lunch or dinner with piada. Price: € 40 (minimum 2 people) When: on Tuesdays and Fridays at 10am with lunch included or at 4pm with dinner included  

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