Paths Tonino Guerra

Begins with the paths throught and the woods,ford of the stream and visit the village of Pennabilli. Price: 18€ (min 10 people) When: Everyday Language: Italian

Passport for Local Castles

Do you know that Romagna land is plenty of ancient castles? Find out some of the best: San Leo, Verucchio and Santarcangelo The Castle of Santarcanelo: Not far from Rimini, the Castle of Santarcangelo di Romagna stands on a small tufaceous hill 90 meters above sea level – Mons Iovis – guarding the plain below, lined by rivers and streams that flow into the sea. It can be seen from the Via Consolare Emilia. Its walls enclose the unique outline of the town of Santarcangelo, a well-preserved and active medieval village. In 1447 the Castle was rebuilt by Sigismondo Pandolfo Malatesta to face the new military attack systems, including bombards and culverins. In the following years many people have lived in the Castle, some of them well known, and today it is the residence of the family, which preserves its history, traditions and beauty. Every visitor, every tourist who enters the Castle embarks on a journey into the past helping to keep fortresses, forts and manors alive. The Castle of Verucchio: The current building is the result of many restorations over the three centuries of Malatesta domination. The square tower, cistern and entrance arch were built by Mastin Vecchio Malatesa in the 13thcentury, while the "great hall" and other rooms were added by Carlo Malatesta. Later in 1449, Sigismondo Pandolfo carried out radical re-qualification work. Subsequently owners put the environments to a variety of uses until restoration was started in 1939. The Castle of San Leo: It was a constant subject of contention in the fourteenth and fifteenth centuries, until conquered by Federico da Montefeltro in 1441. The fortress is a mighty defensive work designed by Francesco di Giorgio Martini and seems to be an extension of the rocky crag on which it stands, a work of both Man and Nature combined, with a majestic beauty all its own. Under the rule of the Papal State the fortress of San Leo became a harsh forbidding prison: Count Cagliostro ended his days in its cells. And even after the unification of Italy in the nineteenth century, the fortress continued to be used as a prison, up until the year 1906. Now a museum, the fortress has collections of armour and weaponry, and visitors can also see the cells of famous prisoners and the impressive fortifications. Price: € 16,00 When: Everyday Language: all languages    


Discovering the village that saw the beginning of the rise of the Malatesta family and the presence of the Villanovian civilization. Price: Adult 15€ |Child from 6 to 14 years 12€ When: Every Monday at 9am or 14:30pm Meeting: at the Tiberius Bridge parking lot. Duration: 2 hours and a half Language: Italian  

San Giuliano Stroll

Guided tour Through the narrow streets with a timeless atmosphere, fellini murals and tales of fishermen. Price: Adults 12€ | Instead from 6 years to 14 years 9€ When: Every Monday at 9pm  Metting Place: at the Tiberius Bridge parking lot at 9pm. Language: Italian Duration: 2 hours     

Classical Rimini

Rimini City of Art We find  a Roman Monuments,the Malatesta Temple, Sismondo Castle and the stories Related to Fellini. Price: Adults 12€ | Instead from 6 years to 14 years 9€ When: EveryThursday and Friday at 9pm  Meeting: at the Tiberius Bridge parking lot  Language: Italian Duration: 2 hours


A Village to be discovered, a small Tibet of Valmarecchia. Price: Adults 18€ | From 6 to 14 years 12€ When: Every Saturday at 8:30am or 14pm  Meeting: at the Tiberius bridge parking lot. Language: Italian Duration: 2 hours  

Roman Tour

August Arch, Via Flaminia arrival point - Decumanus maximus (Corso d’Augusto) - Roman ancient square (Piazza Tre Martiri) where Julius Ceaser talked to his soldiers - Tiberius Bridge - Surgeon's Domus. Price: 15 € ( min 10 people) When: Sunday at 3pm  Duration: 2.5 hours Language: Italian

Piero e Sigismondo in the Rimini Renaissance

You will find out the Malatestian Temple, the Sismondo Castle and the City Museum, revealing the primary role of Sigismondo in the Italian Renaissance and one of the unique masterpiece of Piero della Francesca. Price: 15 € (min 10 people) When: Every first Sunday of the month at 3.30pm Meeting Place: departure from the Malatesta Temple, historic city center  Language: Italian Duration: 2 hours and a half

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Discover Ravenna - Scopri Ravenna

Do you have a few hours in Ravenna and you’d like to discover the essence of the historical city centre? Or maybe you’d love to have an expert professional guide at your service to help you unlock the secrets of this Byzantine city? Then this is the perfect tour for you!

Tessere di Mosaico - Guided Tour

The eternal beauty of the mosaics guarded inside some of the most famous Ravenna Unesco monuments is the heart of this guided tour. The itinerary starts in Piazza San Francesco and continues through the streets of the city centre, until arriving at the Basilica of S. Apollinare Nuovo, then at the Mausoleum of Galla Placidia, at in the end, the Basilica of S. Vitale. Bilingual Italian-English guided tours are available. “The site is of outstanding universal value being of remarkable significance by virtue of the supreme artistry of the mosaic art that the monuments contain, and also because of the crucial evidence that they provide of artistic and religious relationships and contacts at an important period of European cultural history.” In this way the UNESCO World Heritage motivated why eight monuments of Ravenna had been added to the World Heritage List.

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Koko Mosaico

Guided tour in English language to a Mosaic workshop where you will have a glance at the works of the master mosaicist. For more than 1500 years, Ravenna has been passing down the extraordinary artistic tradition linked to the mosaic that made it, together with its 8 UNESCO monuments, famous all over the world. Every Saturday a guided tour starts at 11.30 am and will make you discover this amazing art, visiting one of the workshops of the city centre where the traditional techniques meet contemporary projects and ideas.

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