Rimini City Tour - Fellini Tour

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When spring comes, it’s time for a walking tour inthe most loved places by the famous filmmaker Federico Fellini! The tour will take you to discover the hidden corners in the district of Borgo San Giuliano. Find outoriginal facts about Fellini’s life while walking along streets, quarters, the new square Piazza Malatesta and visit Castel Sismondo, the Renaissance castle currently hosting the external part of the new Fellini Museum.

Price: € 12 adults - € 8 children (6-10 years old) 
When: Aon request
Tiime: 17:15
Where: Rimini, Visitor Center - C.so d'Augusto n. 235
Participants: minimum 4 people
Language: Italian
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Guided tour by VisitRimini
Walking tour
Duration: about 1 hour and a half
Comfortable shoes are recommended for walking


  1. Corso d'Augusto, 235, Rimini