InsoliTouRimini: an unusual tour of Rimini

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An original guided tour theater that tells curiosities and anecdotes of a Rimini rich in history and culture.
Insolitourimini offers an alternative guided tour to discover a Rimini not only rich in monuments, churches and ancient vestiges, but accompanies participants on unusual routes, which cross places and neighborhoods less known downtown, telling stories, curiosities and original and funny anecdotes. Special features of these special guided tours are the "theatrical incursions" that surprise the participants during the tour, involving the public in an exciting experience and giving a new vision of the city, curious, fun and interesting.
The tours start from the Arch of Augustus, symbol of Rimini, and cross with unusual routes throughout the historic center, ending in the beautiful Borgo San Giuliano, among the artistic murals inspired by Fellini, where you toast together in front of the sunset that colors the mirror of water red under the bridge of Tiberius with a delicious aperitif.

Fee: € 22 per person; children from 0 to 6 years free admission; from 6 to 14 years € 15
Time: 17.45
Where: Rimini
Place of meeting: Arch of Augustus
Language: Italian
Minimum number of participants: 15 people


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Categoria Destinazione per Festività
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  • Guided tour, theatrical incursions and aperitif by Insolitourimini
  • You are asked to download the app that will be used during the tour: for Android; for iPhone
  • It’s mandatory to bring your own earbuds
  • It is recommended to fully recharge the battery of your mobile phone
  • In order to comply with the current rules of contrast of Covid-19 it will be necessary to keep the physical distance of one meter between participants and wear the mask
  • Comfortable shoes are recommended


  1. Corso d'Augusto, Rimini