The "Fish trading Market": an unusual dawn

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Rimini is a seaside town and could not be such without its fish trading market.
With this tour you will discover the true essence of a city that lives in close contact with the sea. The "fish trading market", is the main phenomenon related to fishing and delicious local catch.
At the fish auction you can take a dip in the local culture linked to fishing where you will find out how the fish auction takes place, which is the connector wire that binds local fishermen to the catering industry and allows everyone to always be able to enjoy the excellent fresh fish on tables of restaurants in Rimini.An unusual tour at the crack of dawn where you can discover all the secrets of this interesting local market.
Interesting experience even for the layman, but in love with food: the fish market has a charm that is hard to resist! You too will be enchanted by the abundance of products. Just take a look at the boxes stacked on top of each other to imagine immediately a fried fish or a fish soup.
The guided tour will be followed by an excellent breakfast, and then leave us with the advice to continue the day with a relaxing walk along the port and the beach.

Price: € 45 per person
When: Friday
Time: 05.30 am
Where: fish market in Rimini - Via F.lli Leurini, 1, Rimini
Language: Italian, English

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  • Guided tour by Visitrimini
  • Duration about 1 h and 30'
  • Length of the route about 2 km
  • We recommend comfortable shoes


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