Cooking in Rimini

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Are you a cooking enthusiast? Are you in love with Romagna?
We have what you need! Every week we will reveal to you the hidden aspects of the Rimini gastronomic tradition and the stories related to the raw materials you have always eaten when you come to the Riviera. Not only that, if you like to put your hands in the dough, you can try your hand at, for example, spreading the piadina to perfection rather than discovering how blue fish is cooked.
In detail you will learn:
•             2 traditional Rimini recipes
•             many stories about the traditions and raw materials of the territory
•             how to best treat certain ingredients
•             how to choose them and where to find them
Every week our chef Andrea Poggiali will select the best raw materials according to the season and what the sea offers and from there we will leave for a journey to discover the most significant Rimini traditions. Attention: there will not only be cooking, in the end we will be able to eat together and enjoy the result! When you return home you will be amazed friends and family: everyone will want to be invited to dinner!

Fee: € 45 per person
Where: Rimini Agrofficina, Piazza Malatesta 21 G
Timetable: 5 pm
People: minimum 10 people
Language: Italian and English

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  • Cooking class by Ramaiola
  • Duration: about 2 hours
  • Transport not included


  1. Piazza Malatesta, 21 G, Rimini