In the center with the Lilliput train

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From EUR 6

The Lilliput Train departs from Rimini Marina Centro to take a tour of the monuments of the historic center: the Arch of Augustus, the bridge of Augustus and Tiberius, the amphitheater, the ancient walls, the Malatesta Fortress, Malatesta Temple and more. The train is ecological and fun and with the audio guide you can enjoy a detailed explanation of the historic center. The train will be sanitized at each tour and you will be offered the opportunity to keep the appropriate distances on board. It requires instead to wear the mask and keep the distance of 1 meter at the stops.

Price: € 6 per person with audio guide
When: from June
Time: 16.30
Where: Bus Stop 10 Viale Vespucci - Rimini

From EUR 6

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Tiberius Bridge
Castel Sismondo
Teatro Galli
Piazza Tre Martiri
Arch of Augustus
Tempio Malatestiano


Mandatory mask and maintenance of the distance of 1 meter at the stops


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