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The Civic Library of Rimini, one of the oldest and most important Italian public libraries, was born in 1619. First located in the rooms on the ground floor, where the Municipal Film Library is currently located, in the early seventies it was moved to the first floor, once home of the founder and his heirs.
The Gambalunga Civic Library has been included among the most beautiful libraries in the world, in the volume of the Taschen publishing house, with photographs by Massimo Listri: The world's best beautiful libraries, 2018.
In 2019, to celebrate the 400 years since its foundation, the donation of the semiologist Paolo Fabbri, from a collection of ancient books belonging to his mother Tina Mirti, was added to the Library. There are about fifty texts, including philosophical works such as Malebranche's search for the truth, classical texts by Cicero, Seneca, Tacitus, Theophrastus, texts in verse, including a beautiful Orlando Furioso, and religious (Sant'Agostino, devotion manuals ). But also eighteenth-century treatises on canalization of rivers or the construction of mathematical instruments and even an Essai sur l'histoire naturelle due Polype insecte: a small book accompanied by scientific drawings, an example of the scientific accuracy of the eighteenth century, the century of Enlightenment.
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  • The first public civic library open to the public.
  • 17th century rooms
  • Eighteenth-century rooms


  • Nearest parking areas via Italo Flori - piazza Ferrari - piazza Castelfidardo
  • Admission is limited to 10 people at a time.
  • consultation of the Official Journal
  • Room reserved for the consultation of ancient codes and various manuscripts