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The theater was initially called Teatro Nuovo and from 1859 Vittorio Emanuele II. Only later, in 1947, it was dedicated to the composer Amintore Galli (1845-1919).
The tour, lasting about forty-five minutes, will involve you in the history of the Theater by discovering the curiosities between the Ressi room, the gallery and the audience, then seeing the Galli from a different point of view, with the reflectors off.

Fee € 5
When: Wednesday and Friday
Hours: Wednesday 9.30 pm - Friday 5.30pm
Where: Rimini old town Cavour square
Participants: maximum 15 people

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  • Luigi Poletti's project
  • The Foyer
  • The "Barcacce" and the Loggione
  • The Griffins and the Golden Floral Motifs


  • Guided tour in Italian by Teatro Galli
  • Children up to 7 years free
  • The use of the mask is required
  • Hand sanitization at the entrance
  • Interpersonal distance of one meter during the whole visit