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The building that houses the museum, next to the church built by the Jesuits between 1719 and 1740 in honor of San Francesco Saverio, was built between 1746 and 1755 on a project by architect Alfonso Torregiani (1682-1764) as a college of the Jesuits.
From 1797 to 1977 it was used as a hospital, first military and then civil, suffering many functional changes.
The main objective of the Museum is to 'illustrate' or 'demonstrate' the history and cultural development of the city and its territory; in fact, it aims to be a point of reference for every recovery operation of the city's historical memory, preserves and offers some important testimonies that historical events have now removed from the natural context.
Indispensable testimonies, however unique for the understanding of Rimini's art and figurative culture, which in some cases go beyond the purely local interest for their great poetic as well as historical significance, and for this reason they are universally known.

Since 2007 the surgeon's Domus is open to the public, a small Pompeii emerged from the darkness of the centuries in the historic heart of Rimini.
Destroyed by a fire around the middle of the third century, the domus has revealed, among the rubble, structures, mosaics, plasters, furnishings a After finishing the work of positioning a glass and steel roof on the Roman Domus in order to safeguard its conservation and allow its view, the excavation area is open to the public and integrates with that of the Archaeological Section of the nearby City Museum (via Tonini 1), where the display of the materials found and a faithful reconstruction of the medical taberna bring us the testimony of the professional and private life of the surgeon of Ariminum.

Fee: Full € 7 Reduced € 5, over 65 years (museum and domus)
When: from Tuesday to Sunday 10.00 - 19.00 / holidays 10-19.00
closed on Mondays except holidays
Where: Rimini historic center
Maximum of Participants: quota access
as per protocolnd accessories that offer an exceptional "photograph" of life in ancient Rimini. A surgical-pharmaceutical kit was discovered right here, which is still the richest and best preserved in the world.

From EUR 7

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  • Prehistoric and proto-historic path
  • Roman path
  • Medieval path
  • Route seventeenth-eighteenth century
  • Modern-contemporary path
  • Surgeon's Path


  • Admission is free every first Sunday of the month.
  • Wednesdays in July and August from 21.00 to 23.00


  1. Via Luigi Tonini, 1, Rimini
  2. Rimini