"I saw things that you inhabitants of Rimini..." A sunrise at the bridge

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The heart of Rimini at the time of the (re)birth of the sun, the magic of the light of dawn in a symbolic place of the city. 2000 years ago, the Romans completed the construction of the Tiberius Bridge, finished under Tiberius, started under Augustus.
Let’s discover together, at the most magical moment of the day with its exciting colors, the history and tales that have seen him protagonist, simply spectator or 'tool' to pass between the two banks; all with the help of vintage photos and dialect poems. Along the promenade: the Tiberius Bridge seen from all perspectives (park side and from the canal, from the village and from the historic center)  with its curious details, the village San Giuliano with its Murals in which is reproduced several times the bridge, the canal port, Galliana port.

Fee: € 12 adults, € 8 children 6-14 years
Timetable: 5.15 in the morning
Where: Rimini Ponte Tiberio Aedicule side
Minimum of Participants: 2 people
Italian language

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Categoria Destinazione per Festività
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  • Tiberius Bridge
  • Murals of Via Marecchia
  • 'Pirinela' square
  • Borgo San Giuliano
  • Piazza sull’Acqua


  • Visit by Cristian Savioli
  • Walking tour in Italian
  • Duration approximately 2 hours
  • Length about 3 Km
  • Comfortable Shoes Recommended



  1. 2, Ponte di Tiberio, 6, Rimini