Scuba Diving at the Shipwreck Cargo Anni

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From EUR 85

Just 20 miles off the coast of Rimini, lies the cargo wreck found by the team Dive planet in 2001 and immediately became one of the favorite destinations for diving.

Here there are numerous glacial marthasterias, the largest starfish in the Mediterranean, the melon hedgehogs (echinus melo), the lobsters, the lobsters but the real undisputed masters are the Musdee or Mostelle, some large and even more than a metre long. The wreck also houses hundreds of nudibranchs and redfish. Magnificent are the Granceole, which blend on the structures.
The wreck of Anni assumes a certain preparation and experience, given the considerable and constant depth of the bottom. The dive is programmed on the surface in detail and in the water in full compliance with the times We set up a deco station at 6 meters with bar and 6 regulators, with nitrox 38%.
Minimum Deep Diver Patent (for higher structures)

Fee € 85
Where: Rimini
Meeting place: Dive Planet Via Ortigara 59 San Giuliano Rimini
Minimum Participants: 8 people
Departure from the Dive Center
20 miles off the coast of Rimini


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From EUR 85

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  • Departure from the Dive Center Rimini
  • Arrival 20 miles off the Rimini coast


  • Immersion by Dive Planet Rimini
  • Patent required
  • Including cylinders and sinks
  • Gloves and shoes required
  • Complete equipment rental € 35
  • Time: 3,30h


  1. Viale Ortigara, 59, Rimini