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Do you know that submerged Pyramids exist? The "Pyramids" off the coast of Rimini Miramare are an artificial diving area, a site born for mussel reproduction and now a beautiful diving site.

Created about 25 years ago they are now teeming with marine life of all kinds.

Suitable for all types of patents they have a minimum depth of 8 meters and a maximum of 13 meters.

They are made up of huge iron cages of 6 meters each side, interspersed with dozens of cement blocks, in the shape of a pyramid and perforated for the fishes’ dens.

Each Pyramid and each cage are covered in order to find the top when coming up.

Price € 55
When : Sunday 
Time: 08.00
Where : Rimini
Meeting Point : Dive Planet Via Ortigara 59 Rimini San Giuliano
Minumum of Partecipants: 8 persons

Additional Information

Inquire Booking
  • Departure from the Dive Planet, Via Ortigara, Rimini
  • Arrival off Rimini Miramare


  • Immersion by Dive Planet Rimini
  • Patent required
  • including cylinders and sinks
  • gloves and shoes required
  • Complete equipment rental € 35
  • Time: 3,30h


  1. Viale Ortigara, 59, Rimini
  2. Miramare