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The wreck of the “Paguro” platform is the wreck of a natural gas platform created between 1962 and 1963 in Porto Corsini, in the province of Ravenna. On 28 September 1965 the drill reached the gas field at about 2,900 meters deep and there was a sudden fluid eruption. Unfortunately, however, after a while, the walls of the well gave way and the gas eruption broke out, a point no longer controllable, it was a tragedy.

From that disastrous event the “Paguro” began its metamorphosis and on its structures, hit by that tragic event and death theater, a new life slowly exploded, that wonderful and magical life that God wanted to inhabit the seabed and that fascinates us every time we dive.

Soon the wreck, from a submerged reminder of a tragedy, was transformed into a site for sport divers with biological protection for the exceptional life wealth that it had found to develop in that artificial reef.

Price  € 70
When : Saturday 27/06 at 10 am
Sunday 28/06, Saturday 4/07, Saturday 11/07, Sunday 19/07, Sunday 25/07 at 08.00 pm
Where : Rimini - Arrival Ravenna Porto Corsini
Meeting Point : Dive Planet Rimini San Giuliano Via Ortigara 59
Minimun of Partecipants : 8 persons

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  • Departure from the Dive Center Viale Ortigara 59
  • Arrival Porto Corsini off Ravenna


Immersion by Dive Planet Rimini
Patent required

Including cylinders and sinks

Gloves and shoes required

Complete equipment rental € 35

Time: 3,30h



  1. Porto Corsini