Dive to the wreck "Paguro"

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From EUR 70

Here is the ideal site for lovers of organic photography! The Paguro, wreck of a metanifera platform, has become a protected area that gives divers extraordinary encounters. In these waters you can meet the cassiopean jellyfish, the largest in the Mediterranean, but also lobsters, lobsters, galaxies and conger eels. As you go down deep, you’ll encounter flocks of blue fish like mackerel, and sometimes you’ll run into some dolphins. The Dive planet is one of the most experienced centers of this site, runs almost two-thirds of all diving on this site.
The dives are daily, and weekly also Full Day with 2 dives and lunch on board. Depending on the patent, we can accompany the divers also in little known areas, such as the "container", the "trivella" that exploded the wreck, the 4 penetrable caves, the most external pylons. The site is reached with a navigation of only 35 minutes.

Fee € 70
Where: Rimini - Destination Ravenna Porto Corsini
Meeting place: Dive Planet Rimini San Giuliano Via Ortigara 59
Minimum Participants: 8
Departure from the Dive Center Via Ortigara 59 Rimini San Giuliano
Destination Ravenna Porto Corsini
Return to Rimini


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From EUR 70

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  • Dive organized by Dive Planet
  • Patent required
  • Including Cylinders and Leads
  • Essential Gloves and Boots
  • Full equipment rental € 35
  • Duration 3 hours and 30



  1. Viale Ortigara, Rimini