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The Galli Theater is the place for meetings, relationships and events par excellence in the city. Inaugurated by Giuseppe Verdi in 1857 it was opened again in November 2018 after a long restoration work.

Under the orchestra there is a museum itinerary that includes the archaeological area found during the restoration works of the theater. The itinerary is divided into four spaces: the first tells the history of Rimini thanks to a touch screen panel. Following the traces left by the finds, we can trace the birth of Rimini in 220 BC. passing through the republican and the imperial times of the ancient Rome. After the medieval time and the Malatesta, we will arrive in the Rimini of the nineteenth century, to which the second 'island' is dedicated, which includes the history of Italian theater, the life and music of Giuseppe Verdi. At the end the real archaeological area where you can admire the surface of the archaeological excavation.

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  • Spazio 1: Storia di Rimini attraverso touch screen
  • Spazio 2: Storia di Rimini all'epoca del Teatro all'Italiana
  • Spazio 3: Giuseppe Verdi narrato attraverso le sue melodie più famose
  • Spazio 4: Area archeologica dove si possono ammirare le superfici degli scavi archeologici