Women in Art

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On the occasion of Women's Day, a cultural walk is dedicated to the discovery of memorable female figures, represented in the city monuments and in the works kept in the City Museum. Heroines whose beauty is not the only virtue, but is accompanied by strength, courage and intelligence, sometimes with ferocity, others with faith, in God or in their own abilities.
A review of episodes narrated through sculpture, painting, mosaic, ceramics and the art of weaving, which sees women as protagonists.

Price: € 10 per person
When: Sunday 8 March 2020
Meeting point : Arco d'Augusto at 3.30 p.m.

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  • City ​​monuments dedicated to women
  • City museum



• Guided tour in Italian by Discover Rimini
• Excursion on foot
Duration: about 2 and a half hours