Fellini 100 Exhibition and City Tour

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100 years after the birth of Federico Fellini, the master of cinema, Rimini celebrates it for a whole year with a series of initiatives that will start in mid-December with a large exhibition in the rooms of Castel Sismondo.
"Fellini 100 Immortal Genius. The exhibition" is a traveling exhibition that brings to the foreground memories, emotions, frames, scenes, suggestions from that extraordinary world capable of telling us the whole truth about ourselves with the irresistible universal charm of the dream.
The walk continues with a visit to his dear places: from Borgo San Giuliano with the murals dedicated to him to the Grand Hotel he loved since he was a child.

Price per person € 13 
From Tuesday to Sunday
Minimum 15 people
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  • Borgo San Giuliano
  • Ponte di Tiberio
  • Piazza sull'Acqua Ponte di Tiberio
  • Murales Felliniani del Borgo San Giuliano
  • Il Grand Hotel