Divine arts, tour of the churches of Rimini

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The streets of the historic center reserve some treasures of sacred art from the church of San Bernardino, up to that of Sant'Agostino with the masterpieces of the fourteenth-century pictorial school of Rimini, up to the church of Santa Maria Dei Servi, rich in elaborate stuccoes by Antonio Trentanove and the evocative church of San Giuliano in the homonymous village, a casket of some works of great evocative power, with a large altarpiece by Paolo Veronese and the igneous polyptych by Bittino da Faenza.

Price: Adults 12 euros + 3 Museum admission
every Friday at 3.30 pm until 7 June 2020
meeting point: P.zza Tre Martiri Clock tower
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  • San Bernardino Church
  • Sant'Agostino Church
  • Santa Maria dei Servi Church
  • San Giuliano Church


  • Guided Tour by Guidopolis
  • Walking Tour
  • 2 hours and half last


  1. Piazzetta San Bernardino, Rimini
  2. Via Cairoli, 41, Rimini
  3. Piazzetta dei Servi, 1, Rimini
  4. Via San Giuliano, 16, Rimini