The Roman tour at the time of Eutyches

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Rimini reveals an ancient heart with its historic center rich in archaeological and artistic treasures. A tour trough the monuments and sites of the ancient Ariminum starting from the Arch of Augustus, walking through the center of the ancient Roman Forum till to arrive to the two-thousand-year-old Tiberius Bridge. The visit will continue in one of the most important archaeological discoveries of the last years: the Surgeon’s House with its important surgical instrument collection with 150 tools dating back to the imperial Roman medicine and  kept in the City Museum where you will end your visit in the archaeological rooms dedicated to the republican origins of Rimini.

Price :Adult 12 euros per person (min 5 pax)
Free up18 years
When : every Sunday 
Meeting point : Augustus Arch
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  • Excursion on foot
  • Guided Tour by Guidopolis
  • Time : 2 hour and 1/2


  1. Corso d'Augusto, Rimini
  2. Rimini
  3. Piazza Luigi Ferrari, Rimini