Art and Book passion in the 17th century in Rimini

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Cultural walk in  the Rimini of Guido Cagnacci and Alessandro Gambalunga
The route highlights two interesting characters from the seventeenth century in Rimini: the painter Cagnacci, prominent protagonist of seventeenth-century art with its Caravaggesque and sensual vein, and Alessandro Gambalunga, cultured and well-off Rimini citizen, a lover of printed books. The visit also includes admission to the exhibition "For document and wonder. A 400-year history”  in the Gambalunga palace (Sale Antiche) and of the church of San Giovanni Battista.

Price: Adult 10 euros per person
When: Monday 30 Decemberat 9.00 and 15.30

Meeting point Piazza Cavour under the statue of the Pope
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  • Gambalunga Municipal Library
  • San Giovanni Battista Church



  • Guided Tours in Italian language  by Discover Rimini
  • Hikes on foot
  • Duration: 2 hours and a half


  1. Via Alessandro Gambalunga, 27, Rimini
  2. Via XX settembre 1870, 87, Rimini