Fellini: "I never thought I’d become an adjective"

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The places lived by the great director Federico Fellini, those reconstructed in his films, the unique and unrepeatable characters. The schools he attended, the streets, the squares, the birthplace, the eternal 'rest'place, the Amarcord’s home and the Fulgor Cinema. A unique opportunity to discover and imagine Rimini as it was at Fellini times through the Tonino Guerra's dialectal poems.

Price: € 12 adult , € 8 children from 6 to 14 years
When: on Friday
Meeting time: 8.30 pm
Where: At the newsstand of the Tiberius bridge
Minimum  partecipants: 2 person
Language: In Italian

Additional Information

2h 30m
Categoria Destinazione per Festività
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  • Fellini murals - ”Borgo San Giuliano”
  • Church of "Dei Servi"
  • The Square on the Water - Tiberius Bridge
  • Fulgor cinema ( only outside)
  • Ferrari Square and War Memorial
  • Cathedral
  • Tre Martiri Square
  • Ripa Palace
  • Cavour Square
  • Castelsismondo (only outside)
  • Via Clementini's house
  • Amarcord's house



  • Guided tour by Cristian Savioli
  • Language: italian
  • Walking tour
  • Time: 2h
  • Recommended: comfortable  shoes and appropriate clothing


  1. Rimini