Exhibition "Fellini 100 immortal genius"

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100 years after the birth of  the cinema teacher Federico Fellini, Rimini is preparing to celebrate it for a whole year with a series of initiatives that will start in mid-December with a major exhibition inside Castel Sismondo.
This is a traveling exhibition that brings back memories, emotions, frames, scenes, suggestions from that extraordinary dream world that can reveal the most hidden truths with the charm of dreams.

Price: Adults 10 euros
When: from Tuesday to Sunday from 10 am - 11 pm
Closed on non-working Monday

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From EUR 10

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Castel Sismondo
Stage Costumes
Movie Posters
Screening of the film "Amarcord" and Interviews with director
National and foreign press articles
The book of dreams
Suggestions and Dreams


  • Core 1 : The history of Italy, from the 1920-1930s through the postwar period and then to the end of the 1980s, through the imaginary of Fellini’s films.
  • Core 2 :  Stories about the Director’s real and fictional fellow travellers
  • Core 3 : introduction of the permanent Federico Fellini International Museum project.



  1. Piazza Malatesta, Rimini