Wine taste - Tasting at Ottaviani

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We will depart from the square of the port of Ricciojne ( viale Galli, next to the Nautical Club) and we will pedal along the cycle path until reaching porto Verde, from where we will take the beatiful Conca cycle path. Immersed in the Valconca wildlife oasis, we will stop for a tasting ata a farm: we will make a visit to discover the magic of wine and the beauty of the vineyad, a walk among the rows to get to know the company's philosophy.
Price: 60€
When: friday morning
Duration: about 4 and a half hours
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  • Tasting:
  • 4 wines ( 2 white and 2 red) 


  • Rental booster seat € 3,00
  • E-bike transportation to the hotel € 10.00
  • Simple flat route
  • Excursion of 32 km 


  1. Rimini
  2. Riccione