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Going up the canal harbor we would ideally go back in time, first crossing the ancient fishermen's village, Borgo San Giuliano, and then finding ourselves on the Tiberius bridge, in the middle of the Roman era. From the Tiberius bridge we will cross another imaginary border that will lead us into the lands of the Valmarecchia, crossed by the river of the same name and formerly dominated by the Malatesta. We will walk along the Valmarecchia cycle path, surrounded by nature and surrounded by the most authentic Romagna hills, we will arrive in Santarcangelo along the river.
Price: 55 €
When: Every Thursday at 8:30am 


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From EUR 55

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Visit at the Borgo San Giuliano
  • Case borghigiane
  • vicoli e piazzette
  • Grotte Tufacee


  • Starting at Marina Centro
  • Route on the bike path
  • Duration: 3 hour


  1. Rimini
  2. Ponte di Tiberio, Rimini
  3. Santarcangelo di Romagna