San Leo Entrance to the Fortress

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The Renaissance Fort
The mighty limestone boulder of San Leo, transported in the Miocene from the Tyrrhenian to the Adriatic, with its steep perimeter walls and perpendicular to the ground, is a natural fortress.


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Fortress open every day.
The ticket office always closes 45 minutes before the museum
The timetable is the same also on Saturday and Sunday

Daily opening hours
  from Monday to Sunday 9.30-18.15 (last admission at 5.30 pm)

Ticket € 7


The fame of the fortress is also due to the imprisonment of Giuseppe Balsamo Conte di Cagliostro, mysterious adventurer who characterized the century of Enlightenment, "friend of humanity" or common charlatan? Taumaturgo, a leading figure in the Masonic circles of the time. His fame as an alchemist and healer reached the most important courts in Europe where he was able to make friends with prominent personalities.


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