• Rimini City Tour

    Join the tourist guides and art historians of Guidopolis in the discovery of the most beautiful places of Rimini. Every Saturday tour "The Treasures of Rimini" €12,00 - Arch of Aug...
  • Oil Mill Experience

    Did you know that... the Extra Virgin Olive Oil of the Hills of Rimini is among the best oils in Italy? Not only that, it also deserved the recognition of the Protected Designation of Origin (D.O...
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  • San Valentino Tasting - The best Italian wines

    “Vini San Valentino” is a Rimini company that has become a real reference point in the sector with great national and international awards. There are four main grapes: two native vari...
    From EUR 15
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  • Wine and stories of past times

    An agricultural estate of 10 hectares, an old coal locomotive of 1913 and a track for host it...we want to start with Case Marcosanti. The estate was born in the mid-nineteenth century when the l...
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  • The piadina and all its secrets

    In Romagna when we invite someone to dinner at the last minute we often say " come on, we put on two piadine" .... and to hear you say it seems really easy. Yet, to learn how to do the ...
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  • Oil... History of a family

    On the hills of Rimini there is a place, San Lorenzo a Monte, where things have a special taste. There, breathing, walking, tasting simple products are one with nature. For three generations Frat...
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