Private Tour: Rimini and its History

Zur Buchungsanfrage
A two thousand years long journey: from Roman Rimini when the city was known as a Roman colony with the name of Ariminum, to the splendors of Renaissance Rimini under the regency of the Lord Sigismondo Pandolfo Malatesta who left valuable evidence of the Renaissance, to the dreamlike Rimini of the unforgettable director Federico Fellini and his favorite places.
A private and exclusive tour with an expert guide.
You can choose the path that tickles your curiosity the most and you will be led "by the hand" along a bridge that is 2000 years old or inside a 15th century temple or even to admire Murals dedicated to the great Director!

Price: € 180 for up to 8 people
When: every day by reservation
Time: at 3pm
Zur Buchungsanfrage

An itinerary to choose from
- the Roman Rimini, Arch of Augustus Tiberius Bridge, Roman Amphitheater, Roman Forum and Surgeon's House
- the Renaissance Rimini: Malatesta Temple, Piazza Cavour, CastelSimondo (outside)


Walking tour by VisitRimini
Italian Language
Maximum 10 people
Duration: about 2 hours


  1. Corso d'Augusto, 235, Rimini